Frazzled workers slog harder than ever • August 19, 2009 • No Comments

Yes, being jobless sucks. And, when you’re slogging away doing applications, it’s easy to glamorise gainful employment. But Dude’s Army should remember: HAVING a job isn’t a bowl of cherries right now either. New stats show frazzled employees feel under more pressure than ever, feeling the need to work even harder to cling to their …MORE

Independent advice for Mom and Pops • August 17, 2009 • No Comments

Things a bit strained between you and your folks? Are they hovering around, trying to be helpful but actually being annoying? Are you slamming doors and doing your best ‘sulky teen’ impression at the dinner table? Thought so. After uni, coming back to job-hunt at your parents’ place can create a seriously bad vibe for …MORE

'Ha! See what we mean?!' New dole stats finally prove your point • August 13, 2009 • No Comments

If you’ve found this blog, you’ve probably been spluttering for a while over reports that the recession is over. ‘It is? Then where’s my freakin’ job?!’ you ask. Dude? reckons its graduates are one of the main groups of ‘canaries in the coalmine’ – the first to really feel the effects of this recession. And …MORE

Mandelson matchmakes grads and internships • August 4, 2009 • No Comments

News reaches Dude? that Peter Mandelson’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is launching a new website to pair graduates with internship opportunities. Gradute Talent Pool works like a job board – only all placements are temporary. Some roles are paid, others are unpaid. In principle, Dude? is a fan of internships – as …MORE

Internship or slavery? The debate rages on… • August 1, 2009 • No Comments

A storm is a-brewing – as the Guardian today published this damning news story about graduates being exploited for cheap (or free) labour, as companies tighten their belts for as the recession hits… Dude is stumped (or baffled, indeed!). Poor graduates slogging away for nowt hardly feels fair – but nor does making small companies …MORE

Feeling exploited? You're not alone • July 27, 2009 • No Comments

Feeling used and abused – and not in a good way? Sniffing the unmistakable whiff of slave labour? If you’re getting the sneaking suspicion that employers are taking advantage of jobless graduates and using them for free labour when they have no intention of offering a job, you’re not alone. Heather Collier Director of the …MORE

Boris? Giving career advice? • July 23, 2009 • No Comments

Strange but true, shambolic London Mayor Boris Johnson has launched a new website aimed at helping graduate job-seekers this summer. It’s called Helping Graduates Into Work and was created with the help of the ever-excellent The Careers Group, University of London, (who hawk-eyed readers will remember contributed expertise to the pages of Dude). Dude is …MORE

Dude needs YOU! • July 20, 2009 • No Comments

Just graduated, living back at home with you folks – and having a rubbish time generally? I’m offering FREE 1-2-1 CAREER ADVICE for anyone who’d like to appear in an article I’ve been commissioned to write for a national newspaper. If you’re even vaguely interested, drop me a line by clicking here – deadline 24th …MORE

Have jobless grads actually dodged a bullet? • July 17, 2009 • No Comments

This one’s a bit controversial I know, if you’re strugging to find work… but the journalist Giles Coren reckons the Class of 2009 are actually lucky… How? Because cuts to grad schemes with the employers mean you’ve been spared the lemming-style entry to the ‘milkround’ that so many previous years of grads have done – …MORE

Doing crappy temp jobs? Rejoice – you are FREE! • July 16, 2009 • No Comments

If you’re stuffing envelopes, pulling pints or frothing milk at Starbucks this summer, there is one reason to be joyful – a new article says you’re actually being smart. Doing menial work means you own more of your personal brainpower than someone working in a high-powered job. This piece on about the so-called ‘Paradox of Intelligence’ decrees that the …MORE

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