Dude's Army marches on Prospects • July 9, 2009 • No Comments

How happy was I to stumble across a discussion between baffled graduates recommending my book to one another on! Click here to see what they’re saying… Don’t forget to follow @GraduateFog on Twitter!

Graduate Fog loves… talentsmoothie! • July 7, 2009 • No Comments

Busy sending off applications to jobs – and feel like recruiters have all the power? Not for long. It might tickle you to know that in fact, recruiters are scared of YOU. Why? Because graduates are changing – and the big employers don’t know how to deal with you. You’ve grown up with email and …MORE

Sparks fly between recruiters and applicants! • July 6, 2009 • No Comments

Which sucks more: the application process – or the applicants themselves? Roll up your sleeves and get involved in the Guardian’s online debate here. Dude? fears this one could run and run… Don’t forget to follow @GraduateFog on Twitter!

Graduate gloom official – but not terminal • July 6, 2009 • No Comments

You’ve known it for yonks – but now stats support your tales of rejection, frustration and exhaustion on the graduate job-hunt scene. The latest figures say up to 50 of you will apply for every job this summer. Bummer. Head honcho at the Association of Graduate Recruiters (and unofficial ‘graduate Godfather’) Carl Gilleard said, “We …MORE

Dude's Army hits Facebook • June 11, 2009 • No Comments

Dude has a Facebook fanclub! Click here to join Don’t forget to follow @GraduateFog on Twitter!

Dude loves… • June 5, 2009 • No Comments

Need help deciding what to do with your life? Like watching TV? Thought so. Then you’ll love as much as Dude? does. Founder Rob Westcott knows job-seeking graduates are far too busy (!) to wade through long-winded careers articles online. Which is why he’s done all the hard work for you, filming hours of …MORE

Dude in the dock! • May 21, 2009 • No Comments

Looks like Dude has ruffled a few feathers – after taking part in an article for the Guardian in which I suggested that (most but not all) university careers advice centres are more than a teensy bit out of touch with the students they need to reach… Read the offending article here I should add that I’m …MORE 'Dude's a real Peach!' • April 27, 2009 • No Comments

Dude continues to hobnob the glitterati of the careers scene, now befriending the delightful (and delightfully named) Anita Peach, Editor of the ever-fabulous magazine. With my permission (Anita is a well-brough-up young lady) she snipped an excerpt from Dude’s pages to spread the love to her 63,000 readers. How does it look? See the …MORE

UCL loves Dude • March 7, 2009 • No Comments

Greetings! You find Dude fresh from my latest careers event – ‘Skills4Work Media’, held at University College London, in Euston. Joining me on the panel was BBC film-maker Paul Williams, as well as Carlotta Brentan from advertising supermos Saatchi and Saatchi and Meera Thakkar from PR gurus Burston-Marsteller. The organisers had some concerns that the …MORE

New Year, big panic? • February 2, 2009 • 1 Comment

Still desperate and jobless, as we head into February? Yup – thought so! Which is why Dude has been busy spreading the love to job-hunting graduates – in another new feature for Crammed with genius new ideas and never-read-before advice from recruitment gurus (and now Dude’s good mates) Dan Hawes at the Graduate Recruitment …MORE

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