Dude named Guardian's resident graduate guru • January 11, 2009 • No Comments

Dude is chuffed to bits – I’ve been given the best gig in town! For the last two months I’ve been featured as the Guardian’s resident graduate expert on their online forum, fielding job queries from Guardian-reading grads seeking advice about their next move. The best bit is that we’ve covered the stuff that graduates …MORE

'Help – Career Crisis!' • November 7, 2008 • No Comments

Hurrah – I’m not talking to myself – you people ARE out there! The first question from the floor comes from Sophie… “I graduated last year and have since been working as a trainee on a national newspaper sub-editing scheme – but due to a reduced budget they have so far been unable to offer …MORE

Dude loves… Rare Recruitment! • November 5, 2008 • No Comments

It’s a special day indeed when Dude meets another passion-packed soul bringing a fresh approach to graduate careers – someone like 30-year-old, basketball-playing powerhouse, Oxford graduate and boss of Rare Recruitment, Raphael Mokades. Through sheer hard graft, the big man and his crack squad of able assistants have built a bonzer business that specialises in …MORE

Shoulder to shoulder with the Guardian • November 3, 2008 • No Comments

Can you feel it? Oh yes, that’s right, Dude is feeling a whole lot of love from the Guardian right now. As well as giving me an almost embarrassingly kind book review and regular monthly graduate feature, my new BFFs there have now invited me to host their ‘Ask the Expert’ page on their new …MORE

Dude loves… Bill Jensen! • October 22, 2008 • No Comments

Dude has a new crush – in the form of a straight-talking, beardy US author called Bill Jensen. A strange choice? Hardly. Friends, this great man is nothing short of a genius. Put simply, he’s the Mystic Meg of the world of work – predicting the future of employee / employer relationships with spooky accuracy. …MORE

750,000 giggle over dodgy graduation snap • September 16, 2008 • No Comments

I was young, I couldn’t afford a stylist… But surely it’s not right that my fashion mistakes should come back to haunt me so, well, publicly? It was with horror that I opened the Times on 16 September to see my cheesy graduation picture (taken July 2000) featured quite so boldly, under the headline ‘Peer fear can be …MORE

It worked for Paris and Britney… • August 3, 2008 • No Comments

Can this be right? Has Dude followed in the footsteps of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears – appearing in a sleazy YouTube clip, posted online by a mercenary kiss-and-tell ex? As if! Dude is a lady, after all. The video might not be that kind of controversial… but it is considerably more fun than anything else you’ll …MORE

Dude surfs the publicity wave • July 22, 2008 • No Comments

After some fabulous press in The Bookseller, The Independent and GLAMOUR, our spies at some of the country’s biggest media powerhouses suggest Dude? is about to start surfing its second wave of publicity. Now that we’re well into July, it seems journalists at newspapers, magazines and TV shows are turning their minds to the 650,000 graduates who have …MORE

The Amazon crown is mine – MWAH-ha-ha..! • July 4, 2008 • No Comments

Well, well, well – it seems that little old Dude? is more than a match for the big boys on the student careers guide circuit. For THREE WEEKS, the book has been perched on the top spot, seeing off competition from offerings from mega brands the Guardian, the Times and Virgin! Don’t forget to follow @GraduateFog …MORE

Jeremy Kyle: 'I fear for my job' • June 25, 2008 • No Comments

‘Dude?’ went down a storm at the Guardian London Graduate Fair. With over 100 people in the audience on both days, we had good sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. Big thanks to everyone who came along! By the second day I confess I was getting pretty into it – roaming through the audience like Trisha! Sorry …MORE

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