Dude dances merry jig on rivals' graves • June 6, 2008 • No Comments

Huge news, folks – Dude? has whupped the competition, and is now officially the top selling student careers guide on! Of course, everything can change in a heartbeat on Amazon – we’ve probably dropped to 10th by the time you read this – but for a large portion of today at least, we reign …MORE

Tanya breaks down: 'I'm an Amazon addict' • June 6, 2008 • 1 Comment

Troubled times at Dude? HQ – I’ve developed a horrific case of Amazonitis, checking my sales ranking hourly. Alright, alright – jeezus, what is this? – I’m lying, I’m lying… Yes, it’s much more like half-hourly. What’s a sales ranking? You’ve probably never noticed this number – and why would you? – but it sits …MORE

The celebs, the glitter, the GLAMOUR • June 4, 2008 • No Comments

At long last, I’m back-back-back on party circuit! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved writing Dude?, but a girl’s got to slap on some face and get out of the house sometime. Much as I love my jim-jams, they cannot be classed as an ‘outfit’. Last night, I had the honour of rubbing shoulders with …MORE

Waterstones clutches Dude to its bosom • May 31, 2008 • No Comments

My official on-sale date isn’t until Monday, but already I’m on the shelves of my local Waterstones – HUZZAH! Dude?‘s cover looks ace too. Puts everyone else’s yawnsome designs to shame. Now fly, my pretty, FLY! Don’t forget to follow @GraduateFog on Twitter!

Dude's pals party like it's 1999 • May 30, 2008 • 1 Comment

Five days to launch – and London’s bright young things pitched up to toast the imminent arrival of Dude, where’s my career? in bookshops nationwide. Gotta be honest – I was bricking it about this party. Er, whose bright idea was it to throw together my mum, my friends, a bunch of ice-cold mag hags, …MORE

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