Can social media really get you a job?


LinkedIn is a professional networking site with 60 million users worldwide. It’s a free tool where you can build a profile and connect with people you know and build relationships with people in the Groups section. Anyone can sign up for LinkedIn, throw a basic profile together and do nothing with it – that’s not going to get you anywhere. LinkedIn is an excellent opportunity to paint a skilled, professional profile of yourself – and most people keep using it even once they’ve got a job. It’s a great way to build contacts outside your existing employer to give you more options in the future.

Sell yourself Your profile should be a punchier version of your CV. Include contain all your recent relevant experience, job titles, descriptions, companies and URLs. Provide a synopsis of what you can do best but take care to avoid jargon, especially if your experience is from a different industry. Another good tip is to use as many relevant keywords as you can. When recruiters search for people with your skills and experience, you want your name to appear at the top of their results list.

Use groups Search for groups that are relevant to your skillset and job area – for example Medical Science, Technology, HR. Some of the groups have 200,000+ members, so take part in discussions. Again, getting your name in front of people and building your network will increase the chance of you being found.

Connect If people have been happy to engage in conversation and discussion in the groups then invite them to ‘Connect’ – you never know where that relationship might lead. This could be people you have done a work placement with in the past, people you have discussed things with in Groups, people you’re meeting soon, people to learn from or people who you know are hiring.

Broadcast If you’re in a position where you can, broadcast the fact that you’re looking for a job from your status update. If you have been taking part in group discussions and connecting with people then you have a greater chance of getting referred or recommended for new roles.

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