Companies who claim they only have time to reply to successful candidates are risking the reputation of their brand, an industry expert has claimed.

Will Shepherd, Managing Director of recruitment specialists PPS Works, warned that arrogant attitudes towards unsuccessful candidates are costing employers custom – as ignored applicants punish them by shopping with their competitors in future.

“If a young graduate invested several hours applying to one of the big supermarkets and felt hurt by a lack of courtesy, you could see the competitor finding a new customer by this channel,” Shepherd explained. “We all know consumers can be very fickle and poor treatment is a good reason to spend elsewhere.”

He also warned recruiters not to use the current ‘buyers market’ as an excuse for dismissing the hard work that candidates put in to their applications.

“The difficult jobs market means employers really do have the pick of the cream of the crop right now, but they should treat with caution those who do not make the cut.

“Whist job applicants realise they are not going to get every job they go after, they will have invested a substantial amount of their time in job hunting, which is an arduous process. Many will feel they are within their rights to expect at least some form of communication thanking them for their interest.”

Attacking the typical recruiter response that replying to everyone is simply too time-consuming, Shepherd pointed out that new technology mean there is now no excuse.

“If a company has invested in an Applicant Tracking System, then to properly reject a couple of thousand candidates would cost no more than a couple of hundred pounds,” he said.

The alternative – blanking them – could prove far more costly than this in the long-term. “The invisible impact if you don’t let applicants down gently could have a big financial impact, even over a short period,” Shepherd warned.

The expert’s message is clear – recruiters must realise that poor treatment of candidates is not in their company’s best interests.

“There can be no doubt that showing respect for the candidate from the start can only help organisations strengthen their brand,” he said. “It is an issue that should be taken far more seriously.”

*Do you wish recruiters were more polite?
What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had when applying for a job? And the best?

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