Are you sick of doing unpaid internships that never lead to a job – just another unpaid internship? Are you tired of waiting for politicians to clamp down on the companies which exploit their young workers and take advantage of your desperation to gain experience at any price?

Graduate Fog today launches Pay Your Interns, a new campaign which will name and shame the big companies which use interns – and don’t pay them a proper wage.

We will send an email to the press office at each of the companies listed, asking them to clarify their policy on internships. Any who do not pay their interns – and whose interns appear do be doing proper work for them – will be asked to explain how they feel this fits with the National Minimum Wage law.

Those companies which do pay their interns will be thanked for doing so. Those who do not will be listed on Pay Your Interns, for the world to see.

You can follow the campaign by following us on Twitter @GraduateFog or by Liking us on Facebook.

The campaign is backed by Graduate Fog’s friends at Intern Aware, Internocracy and Interns Anonymous.

*I’m excited – tell me more about the campaign!*

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