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Author Tanya de Grunwald is available for press interviews – please fill in the form below, which drops straight into her inbox. You can also download the press release here, which includes quotes and background information about Tanya, Graduate Fog, the Good + Fair Employers Club, and how the e-book has been funded. If you are an employer, a university or any other organisation interested in placing a bulk order for the print version of the book, please enquire using the form below, stating how many books you are looking to order, and for what purpose. Thank you!

Is your organisation committed to being a good employer of young people? The Good + Fair Employers Club is a coalition of forward-thinking UK employers proud to lead the way on the ‘good + fair’ recruitment of young people. For an annual fee of £5,000 (+VAT), you can share your challenges and solutions with your early careers peers at Google, Accenture, Vodafone, Clifford Chance, BT and many more, at our montly Zooms, and bi-annual Leadership Lunches. You’ll gain access to our archive of reports and videos from previous events, as well as a members’ badge (left), to show young applicants that you’re one of the good guys! Click here for more info, or contact us via the form below.

Got a story for us? Get in touch! All messages will be treated in strictest confidence – we fully understand the sensitivities here. We also love hearing your feedback and suggestions so we can make Graduate Fog even better. Unfortunately, the one thing we can’t do is offer one-to-one career advice to individuals (if we did that we wouldn’t have time to run the site – sorry!). However, if you’re struggling we suggest you ask the Graduate Fog community for their help and support. Simply find the most relevant post on Graduate Fog (with lots of comments below) and post a question below that. People who have commented on the post before you will receive an alert and respond if they can.

For journalistsFOR JOURNALISTS
Want a punchy expert comment for a story you’re writing? This is the best way, honest. Your message will drop straight into Tanya’s inbox. As a journalist herself, Tanya knows exactly how to write a pithy quote that your editor won’t cut out (she doesn’t do dry). When you email (using the form below), please outline the story, explain what sort of insight you and angle you would like Tanya to cover and state your questions (and deadline) clearly. Tanya will respond as soon as she receives the message, to confirm she can help and when you should expect the quote you need. She is unable to help you to hunt for case studies – but wishes you the best of luck with your search!

For TV and radio researchersFOR TV AND RADIO RESEARCHERS
Sorry – Tanya isn’t running a free advice line about unpaid internships or graduate jobs (so please don’t ask her to call you back for a ‘chat’). However, Tanya has helped several production companies to kick off their projects by creating bespoke research documents on the subject of internships, low pay and graduate recruitment. In this document, she will brainstorm the contacts and knowledge that will help you kick off your project, including the best ways to find great case studies. Prices for Graduate Fog Research Documents start at £500.

For studentsFOR STUDENTS

Are you after a quote for a dissertation or academic project? Tanya receives a lot of these requests. As much as she would love to contribute to all sorts of interesting projects that Graduate Foggers are involved with, because she runs Graduate Fog and the Good + Fair Employers Club on a shoe-string, she can’t provide bespoke quotes for things like this as she’d never get anything else done. If you’d like to borrow a quote from anywhere on this website site – or any of the work she’s written for the Guardian or elsewhere – feel free to do so. Just make sure she is quoted in context. Thank you!

We know that links from Graduate Fog are valuable – so please don’t ask us to post your client’s content for free so you can make money from the hard work Tanya has put in to building Graduate Fog. It’s annoying. Have a nice day!





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