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Love Graduate Fog? Then please help our community to GROW! Remember – the bigger our tribe, the more we can achieve for job-seeking graduates, on a national scale. (Plus – don’t you want your friends to find jobs too?!)

Graduate Fog is already showing signs of becoming a ‘movement’ – we’re gaining serious momentum.

That’s amazing – but we’d love to reach even more graduates this summer, to help them through their job search.

The thing is, we have zero cash for advertising, as this website doesn’t earn a penny. (Tanya works completely unpaid).

Which means the future of Graduate Fog completely depends on YOU, its users.

We’re not kidding.

Also, cards on the table…

…Tanya needs to start making some cash from this website, sharpish! She pays various monthly tech costs – and every picture you see on this site costs Tanya £2 (unlike many other bloggers, she doesn’t steal images).

As much as Tanya loves Graduate Fog, editing it has turned into a full-time job and she can’t keep doing this unpaid for much longer or she’ll end up in a cardboard box : (

We can promise we will NEVER ask Graduate Fog’s users to pay to use the site. Ever. But if you love the site and want to keep it going, we are asking you to help spread the word about Graduate Fog, to help boost traffic and attract kindly sponsors. Then, with a little bit of cash in her pocket, Tanya can continue to rant and rave about all things graduatey – and the world will become a better place.

We hope that sounds fair!

Wondering how you can help?

Thank you! You can…

Join our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter (@GraduateFog) or sign up to our weekly News Bundle.

Urge your friends to do the same!

RT @GraduateFog’s tweets

Comment on posts and pages that get you fired up. The better our debate, the harder it will be for others to resist joining in…

Sprinkle links to Graduate Fog all over the Internet – but particularly on websites and forums you know other jobseeking graduates use. Prospects.ac.uk is a good one ; )

Contact us with feedback or ideas for future articles

Write a little testimonial about why you love Graduate Fog and send it to us to publish on the site (Your name would be great but no probs if you’d rather be anonymous)

If you have a blog, write about us. If you don’t, tell other people write about us! This could be a blog you’re loving right now, or your university newspaper. It’s all good stuff

– Tell your parents about us (Just in case they work for big companies who might want to sponsor us!)

Finally – a special message from Tanya de Grunwald, Graduate Fog’s founder:

‘I’m so excited at how fast Graduate Fog is growing. If you visit or comment regularly or have told friends about us, thank you SO much. If you’re new, well done for finding us – and welcome! Please do get involved as much as possible.

‘I wish I had loads of cash to spend promoting Graduate Fog – but I don’t. This means that the future of this site really does depend ENTIRELY on  you – Graduate Fog’s users – continuing to be as mouthy as possible about what’s happening on this website, to encourage as many graduates as possible to get involved. So please, do whatever you can to help our tribe grow to become a force to be reckoned with. Thank you!’