What is a Graduate Fog sponsor?


At Graduate Fog, we’re making a few changes to secure our financial future so we can continue to produce great content our readers love. We don’t do advertising – but we do offer sponsorship…

How does Graduate Fog make money?

Until now, it hasn’t. To be honest, when Tanya de Grunwald launched the website in 2010, there wasn’t a plan – or a business model. Tanya ran Graduate Fog as a sideline, relying on her freelance journalism commissions to pay her bills. In many ways, the lack of funding has been the secret of Graduate Fog’s success. Having no advertisers, investors or other stakeholders left Graduate Fog free to champion some of the most important issues affecting the UK’s graduates, and ask the tough questions we know you want answered. And Graduate Fog has had room to breathe, grow and evolve organically, gradually developing the strong, authentic ‘Tells it like it is’ voice that today’s readers know and love.

What’s happening now?

Now that the website is established as a fearless, independent force to be reckoned with, Tanya feels it’s time to get organised and create a sustainable business model to safeguard the website’s future. Happily, Graduate Fog is not only popular with graduates. It has also caught the eye of some of the most bold, innovative employers in the UK. They like what we’re doing, and have asked if they can join the conversation and show their support. Earlier this year, we floated the idea of a sponsorship programme and our readers were fantastically supportive.

Who are Graduate Fog’s sponsors?

Our readers backed our sponsorship plan – but with one condition. Graduate Fog must only work with firms who share the website’s values. We agree this is vital. That’s why we’re only inviting ‘good’ firms to join us. All our sponsors will be hand-picked and must prove their commitment to social mobility and diversity, and operate fair, open and respectful recruitment practices. Above all, they must not run unpaid internships. We’re so serious about this, we’ve even put a line in the contract about it.

Contract snip - Interns 1

Contract snip - Interns 2

What exactly do you mean by sponsorship?

Like Graduate Fog itself, the website’s sponsorship programme is likely to evolve as time goes on. But for now, it includes branding (look out for sponsors logos appearing on the website, with the words ‘Kindly sponsored by’). We will also work with sponsors on co-created content around careers and recruitment.

Ugh! I hate sponsored content – it’s always rubbish.

Calm yourself. That’s what we thought at first too. But we’ve tested the idea by working with a few brands already (although we didn’t charge them for it), and these articles have been phenomenally popular. Employers have advice and opinion that is really useful – so why not give them a platform to share it on?

So these articles won’t be cheesy or salesy?

No. Co-created content will never ‘sell’ paid-for products or services, and will always be appropriate and useful for readers. It is likely to include mentions of the sponsors’ organisation, quotes from company spokespeople and links to further resources – but again, these will always be appropriate and useful.

Will sponsors get to approve it?

Yes – but so will we. Co-created content will only go live when both the sponsor and Graduate Fog are happy with it. Our sponsors will review the article to make sure it’s accurate, but Graduate Fog retains final approval – and if it’s boring or cheesy or salesy, we’ll bin it. Readers are also welcome to post feedback below all co-created content, as with any other story on Graduate Fog. In fact, we welcome this – our sponsors want to know what you think and may even want to discuss any issues with you directly.

Will sponsors have a say on other Graduate Fog content?

Absolutely not. Sponsors will not be able to influence any other content on Graduate Fog, including news stories on the blog (about them, or any other organisations they have links with). Our sponsors recognise that drawing this ‘line in the sand’ is vital. It allows Graduate Fog to continue to grow its reputation for being independent, something which benefits all parties in the long-run. Again, to ensure this is watertight, we’ve even put something in the contract:

Contract snip - Editorial integrity



Like the sound of this? If you’re an employer interested in sponsoring Graduate Fog, we’d love to hear from you. Just fill in the form below and we’ll send you more info…