How to Build your Network

Here are three more brilliant ways to build your network (especially useful if you’re doing it from scratch):

1) Social networking

Social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are a gift for job-seekers who want to build their network of contacts. For genius tips, read Can social media really get you a job? Once you’ve created some contacts, use the steps on the previous page as appropriate.

2) Industry name-spotting

When you originally researched your chosen industry, you were probably just cruising for general news. You probably weren’t scouring every article for actual names of real people you could get in touch with. So, go back and trawl every news article related to your industry, making a note of every person whose name is mentioned or quoted. Use your research skills to find out exactly what they do – and their contact details. Then bite the bullet and email them to explain which article you spotted them in, introduce yourself and ask them (so politely) if they might have half an hour to meet or speak on the phone. (Then follow the steps on the previous page). What’s the worst that could happen? And what’s the best that could happen?

3) Conferences and other industry events

Online networking is great – but sometimes getting your actual self to an actual event and actually saying hello to some real people can reap extraordinary rewards. Find out what societies, associations and networking organisations run events, workshops and lectures related to your chosen industry. Some are expensive – but many are cheap or even free. Go alone – and be brave. Again, once you’ve created some contacts, use the steps on the previous page as appropriate.

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