A UK-based HR Director has told the HR commentator Tanya de Grunwald that their sector has failed on DEI – and trans inclusion specifically – admitting to ‘cowardly’ and ‘embarrassing’ mistakes, blaming the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and HR professionals’ ‘lack of intellectual curiosity’ for much of the mess. This is what they wrote…

‘Hi Tanya, thank you for being a voice of common sense in the DEI debate, and for being so visible in doing so. For my sins I am one of the cowardly HR professionals agreeing with everything you say – but even supporting others’ comments is potentially career suicide.

‘You, Simon Fanshawe

and Neil Morrison [HR director at Severn Trent] are spot on in your recent Telegraph article. DEI once was a force for good (and I hope it can be again), but the infiltration of US identity politics has corrupted DEI in UK organisations, devalued it, and it’s going to need a complete overhaul to survive.

‘Even the Govt has finally come to the party with the rightful scrapping of DEI jobs in the civil service.

‘My profession is extremely culpable for what’s gone wrong with DEI, and a lot of the blame lies with the CIPD (& with [chief executive] Peter Cheese). It could have brought common sense to this topic years ago, particularly around gender critical beliefs, and educated members, given employment law is a critical part of our roles.

‘However it has been cowardly, when brave women like Maya Forstater, Allison Bailey, Jo Phoenix, Rachel Meade, Baroness Faulkner and too many others have made huge sacrifices to fight for their own and others’ rights.

‘The CIPD’s “Trans and non-binary inclusion at work” guide has been yet another low point. The CIPD were members of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions scheme themselves, but skulked off quietly when the Employment Tribunals relating to gender critical beliefs started, and their commentary on these cases has been consistently appalling.

‘The lack of intellectual curiosity by many HR professionals has also been a huge problem, promoting or enabling this to infiltrate broader business. It is embarrassing that so many former HR colleagues were the first to put pronouns in bios and put virtue signaling posts on LinkedIn.

‘The FT celebrating “Pips” Bunce as a “Top 100 Women in Business” and LGBT champion was the most egregious example, in my opinion.

‘A reckoning is coming. I hope for a cull of the DEI “specialists” adding no value to businesses, and causing division.

‘Stonewall must be driven out of all organisations. It’s tragic to see it ruin its legacy, having achieved so much for LGB rights previously. Its failed attempt to have the EHRC stripped of its UN ‘A status’ is yet another example of how far it’s fallen to become a toxic organisation that no sensible company should have anything to do with.

‘You (and a very few others) are a refreshing voice of reason and sanity on LinkedIn, and I admire your courage in speaking out.

‘Thanks again for being such an important voice, and I hope that in the near future I will be able to visibly contribute to this discussion.’