Can this be right? Has Dude followed in the footsteps of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears – appearing in a sleazy YouTube clip, posted online by a mercenary kiss-and-tell ex?

As if!

Dude is a lady, after all.

The video might not be that kind of controversial… but it is considerably more fun than anything else you’ll find if you search for ‘Careers’ on that site.

What’s the footage all about? Well, thanks to the lovely LJ at, I was asked to star in a Q&A session, featuring job-finding questions from her readers…

By all means give yourself a giggle, but do you think you could try not to judge me for:

– the horrific state of my roots. It seems impoverished writers must occasionally sacrifice the non-essentials, which my accountant insists DOES include honey-coloured highlights

– my manic and dizzying hand gestures. Just – WHY??

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