Dude has a new crush – in the form of a straight-talking, beardy US author called Bill Jensen.

A strange choice?

Brilliantly beardy, Bill Jensen


Friends, this great man is nothing short of a genius. Put simply, he’s the Mystic Meg of the world of work – predicting the future of employee / employer relationships with spooky accuracy.

But what I love about him the most is that he’s already spotted the massive impact that Dude’s readers will have on shaping the way the companies of the future are run (well, ahem, as soon as we actually get a job, that is).

Bill says ‘Generation Y’ – that’s us, the yoof of today – is unlike any that’s gone before us. Growing up in such a fast-paced, technology-centred world has shaped us to become total divas (but so in a good way). We’re passionate, energetic and not afraid of a hard day’s work – but we’re also uber-impatient. In everything we do, we want everything exactly how we want it – and we want it now.

Translated into the workplace, this means we won’t put up with any nonsense from bosses who make our working day difficult (forcing us to update endless spreadsheets and attend 5-hour meetings marathons) in order to make their own lives easier. Ironically, the passion and talent they hired us for soon evaporates when we find ourselves bogged down with all the boring bits a trained chimp could do. And we’re not standing for it. If we’re not feeling special, we’ll just dump our old employer for a new one who respects our brilliance and lets us concentrate on the fun bits of our job that we’re actually good at.

For years, the corporate big cheeses have dictated how the little people (that’s us) will work. But Bill says the head honchos are finally starting to sweat – they know that the scrappiest generation in history is about to take them on.

Get ready for a revolution…

Click here to read my article about Bill for the Guardian

To find out more about Bill, visit his website.

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