It’s a special day indeed when Dude meets another passion-packed soul bringing a fresh approach to graduate careers – someone like 30-year-old, basketball-playing powerhouse, Oxford graduate and boss of Rare Recruitment, Raphael Mokades.

Diversity champ and QPR fan Raph Mokades

Through sheer hard graft, the big man and his crack squad of able assistants have built a bonzer business that specialises in teaching ‘the rules of the game’ to graduate job-seekers from ethnic minority backgrounds – grads who might not otherwise be feeling the love for – or from – the corporate world.

Rare now works with some of the most switched-on, forward-thinking companies out there (L’Oreal, KPMG, the Guardian…) to transform the face of traditional graduate recruitment into something a bit less pasty and a bit more beige.

Such a ma-moosive fan of Raph’s work am I, that I convinced him to be interviewed for this profile for the Guardian.

Although showing fear is not in Raph’s repertoire, I sensed he was a little anxious initially. But then his friends told me he always talks that fast. Anyways, now he is happy.

For more information about Rare Recruitment you can click here.

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