Hurrah – I’m not talking to myself – you people ARE out there!

The first question from the floor comes from Sophie…

“I graduated last year and have since been working as a trainee on a national newspaper sub-editing scheme — but due to a reduced budget they have so far been unable to offer me a full-time job. I have started writing freelance commissions on the side (also for national newspapers). I love writing and now want to make the freelance thing work full-time. I see you write regularly for four great publications — how does one go about getting known and getting more than one article commissioned every few weeks? Just from constantly pitching ideas? I’m finding this uncertainty and daily checking of my inbox, attempting to send pitches and not hearing anything a rather disheartening existence and would really appreciate some advice! Thanks – Sophie”

Thanks for your question – actually even though it’s a journalism one, my answer should actually be useful for anyone looking to get into media…

Click here for my full response.

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