A storm is a-brewing – as the Guardian today published this damning news story about graduates being exploited for cheap (or free) labour, as companies tighten their belts for as the recession hits…

Dude is stumped (or baffled, indeed!).

Poor graduates slogging away for nowt hardly feels fair – but nor does making small companies fork out to have you lot in the office, when sometimes there isn’t much for you to do…

When starting out in journalism (that’s what I’m actually trained in) I did my share of work experience (both unpaid and poorly paid).

Frankly, it sucked.

And I couldn’t have afforded to do it if my folks hadn’t lived in London.

On the other hand, the magazines wouldn’t have taken me on if they’d had to pay me, as they were all run on a shoestring and I couldn’t really be given anything that useful to do as I was so inexperienced.

Hmm, it’s certainly quite a puzzle.

What do you think – do internships unfairly favour the posh kids? Or should grads be able to use any weapon in their toolbelt to get the job they want?

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