Things a bit strained between you and your folks?

Are they hovering around, trying to be helpful but actually being annoying?

Are you slamming doors and doing your best ‘sulky teen’ impression at the dinner table?

Thought so.

After uni, coming back to job-hunt at your parents’ place can create a seriously bad vibe for familes.

Yes, it’s tough for you – but remember it’s also tricky for your mum and dad. Your poor folks weren’t expecting this situation either – and they don’t know how to help. And, to top it off, frankly you’re not a load of fun to live with right now.

Which is why I wrote this feature for the Independent’s fabulous ‘Go Higher’ supplement, which ran this weekend.

If you haven’t already had a chat with Mom and Pops, read this and think about doing it tonight?

Oh, and ignore the headline – at the bottom I’ve included some golden advice for graduates, as well as your parents.


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