Yes, being jobless sucks.

And, when you’re slogging away doing applications, it’s easy to glamorise gainful employment.

But Dude’s Army should remember: HAVING a job isn’t a bowl of cherries right now either.

New stats show frazzled employees feel under more pressure than ever, feeling the need to work even harder to cling to their job (according to a new UKNow poll from global research agency Hall & Partners).

A massive HALF of Londoners say their workload has increased since this time last year.

(Only 40% say it’s stayed the same)

33% said they feel more stressed at work than a year ago

22% said they feel under pressure to work longer hours


19% complained of a more aggressive atmosphere at work.

Why stick at it? Because they fear losing their job…

Almost HALF (48%) say they feel less secure in their job than they did a year ago.

On the up-side, it looks like they’re staying positive, seeing this extra push as short-term pain for long-term gain.

A massive 61% said they feel the downturn will not harm their long-term career prospects.

Dude isn’t quite sure what the message is here, but it’s probably along the lines of ‘Employed or unemployed, we’re all wading through this sticky jobswamp together…’

Read more about the new figures here

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