No! Say it isn’t so!!!

Sad news reaches Dude that my favourite London freesheet newspaper is set to close.

Having written more than 35 articles for thelondonpaper over the last couple of years (while wearing my journalism ‘hat’), I’m not only sorry to lose a good client but also sad for my colleagues there who invested so much love and hard work in making ‘TLP’ the fabulous read it is. Special shout-outs to man- and girl-about-town Andy Jones and Laura Tait, commissioning editor Peter Knight and photographer Jas Lehal, all of whom have been enormous fun to work with.

Dude fears TLP’s closure is a sign of the times.

Recession + digital revolution + possible change of government next year = lots more change ahead.

People, we live in uncertain times. The ground is shifting beneath our feet.

Which is why I say to anyone agonising over what to ‘do’ with their career, long-term… Don’t bother – because it just doesn’t work like that anymore. The world is changing too fast.

Once ‘safe’ careers like finance are no longer safe, and music and publishing are in crisis while they try to work out how to make money when nobody buys CDs and magazines anymore. The car industry is dodgy, there’s no money in fashion… If the Tories get in next year, policy and public spending will change – impacting pretty much everyone else.

Show me someone who feels safe and happy in their chosen career right now and I’ll show you a liar.

If you’re sweating over what to do with your life, just start something – anything you think you might enjoy for a bit – and be good at. Frankly, when everything else is in flux, that’s as good a bet as anything right now.

Then you have to trust in your ability to ride whatever waves of change come your way in the next 40 years. The only thing that’s certain is that nothing is certain.

Terrifying? Maybe.

Exciting? Definitely.

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