If you’ve just graduated and are now jobless, do you feel university was:

a) A wise investment that will come good in the end. You’d advise everyone to go.


b) A bad investment that will that will never ‘pay out’? You’d advise people to think long and hard about whether it’s right for them.

I ask because the Government is super-keen to fund as many places at as many universities as possible, for anyone with half-decent A-levels who wants to go. I’m not sure this is the most responsible thing to do – since many of those young people will shortly find themselves where you are, finding that many employers value experience over qualifications, unless you graduated from one of the very top universities.

What do you think?

Join the debate around Estelle Morris’ column in the Guardian here

(If you click that link, you’ll see I inserted a HORRIBLE typo in the comment I made – cringe! But I was making a good point when I did it! Back me up?!)

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