Could this be the start of a revolution?

It seems that at long last some big companies are speaking out, breaking the shock news that…

Not all graduates doing work experience are complete morons after all.

In a top secret lab in northern Siberia, expert scientists have been busy scanning your heads and discovered that your skulls do indeed contain brains.

That’s right, apparently it’s big news that you good people – our nation’s most promising youngsters, fresh out of well-regarded academic institutions and clutching impressive qualifications – may indeed have some lively grey matter trapped inside your noggins, and be capable of making valuable contributions to the workplace that don’t involve you asking the question: ‘Milk and sugar?’

As regular Dude followers will know, my stance is that work experience can be very beneficial, provided both parties get something out of it – and neither party takes the mick. (ie They give you some cool stuff to do, and you have a cheery attitude and are never late). Making  SOME tea goes with the territory I’m afraid, but let’s hope that the dawn is breaking at last, and that employers will start to realise that if they occasionally ask for your opinion on something important, you’re much less likely to spit in their hot beverage.

(Just kidding, I know you’d never do that. Right?)

Read the whole story in the Guardian here

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