Finding yourself jobless after three years at university – and thousands of pounds of investment – can make a person kind of cross.

One unemployed graduate knows exactly who to take her anger out on. She has decided to sue her university.

Trina Thompson – from New York – claims that Monroe University were negligent and failed to give her decent career advice to prepare her for the world of work.

Dude isn’t clear on the details of this case but I have to admire Trina’s chutzpah.

It will be easy for universities to dismiss this case is just a bit of a giggle. But they’d be wrong to do so.

This case is a clear indicator of a major power shift between young people and academic institutions – and universities need to wise up. It’s about time they realise that the minute they started charging you lot tuition fees, you went from being hapless students to paying CUSTOMERS.

As such, you deserve to be treated with respect. When you are ‘sold’ your degree, you should be made fully aware of what it will – and won’t – guarantee. They should also be clear about the amount – and quality – of career advice and ‘aftercare’ you will receive from them once you graduate.

Management Today reported this story with a really mean, snidey tone, which really got my back up as I felt it was disrespectful to the many thousands of hard-working graduates – like you – who find themselves frustrated and disappointed when trying to join the world of work.

So I told them so.

If you agree with my comments, feel free to back me up

Anyone else feel like suing their university? Email me here

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