Did you come back to live with your folks after graduating?

You’re not alone. The number of ‘boomerang children’ – who go off to uni and then return when they graduate – is on the rise in the UK, say experts.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why. Rising student debt and a shortage of graduate jobs mean fewer graduates can afford to move out of home right now.

This phenomenon may be on the rise – but Dude knows this is actually nothing new. I lived at home with my folks for nearly two years after I graduated from Durham, waaay back in 2000.

Was I living the dream? No. Where was the swanky central London penthouse flat I’d imagined? Nowhere. What about the wild parties I’d be throwing all the time? They never happened. Instead, I was sleeping in same the little single bed I’d had when I was at school.

But you know what? It wasn’t so bad. My parents were supportive, there was always food in the fridge and the cushions on the sofa were always plumped.

When I finally did move out, it was to an absolute armpit of a flat in South London. It had damp, a mouse (!) and our landlord was a cheap-arse who refused to fix the heating when it broke in December (brrr).

And even now, nine years on, when I’m renting (a much nicer place) with friends, I still have my moments of wishing I was back at home with the folks.

Particularly on the nights when I come home late, remember there’s nothing in the fridge, the bin needs taking out and it’s freeeezing cold (because our landlord won’t put in new windows).

So if you’re languishing at home wailing: “CURSE the recession – this isn’t how it’s supposed to be!!!” take heart.

Very few graduates have ever swanned straight out of university into ‘the dream’.

For most of us, the dream was always just a fantasy.

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