Dude is chuffed to bits – I’ve been given the best gig in town!

For the last two months I’ve been featured as the Guardian’s resident graduate expert on their online forum, fielding job queries from Guardian-reading grads seeking advice about their next move.

The best bit is that we’ve covered the stuff that graduates REALLY want to know – the real gems that no-one else tells you, not just the usual ‘How to write the perfect CV’ stuff (Zzzzzz).

For example, how can you camouflage a dodgy 2:2? Or how to convince a recruiter you’re super-committed, when your skinny CV suggests otherwise? If we’re heading for recession, should you grab any job you can get – or can you afford to shop around? Can you still get away with going travelling – or in this economic climate, does it look a bit (ahem) slack? And is there ANY way around having to do long stretches of unpaid work experience to get into competitive industries like media?

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