Looks like Dude has ruffled a few feathers – after taking part in an article for the Guardian in which I suggested that (most but not all) university careers advice centres are more than a teensy bit out of touch with the students they need to reach…

Read the offending article here

I should add that I’m not condemning uni careers services across the board – I have good friends at The Careers Group (part of the University of London), as well as at Liverpool and Reading Unis.

However, having written Dude? and in my ongoing role as ‘graduate expert’ on guardianjobs.co.uk, I have to say that the message from you lot – the baffled graduates – is coming through loud and clear: on the whole, university careers advice is simply not working.

Time and time again, you tell me that your careers centre was boring, uninspiring, overwhelming, depressing – or all of the above.

This summer, Dude is spearheading a campaign for a radical overhaul in the way careers advice is packaged for today’s students.

Want to join the fight for better careers services? Get in touch here to have your say.

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