You’ve known it for yonks – but now stats support your tales of rejection, frustration and exhaustion on the graduate job-hunt scene. The latest figures say up to 50 of you will apply for every job this summer.


Head honcho at the Association of Graduate Recruiters (and unofficial ‘graduate Godfather’) Carl Gilleard said, “We cannot hide from the fact that dramatic vacancy cuts will make the job search very tough for graduates both this year and probably next year too.”

Even bigger bummer.

On the up-side, is it possible that Dude? readers are already clutching the best possible weapon in the war against the dole queue – a copy of the book?

As hawk-eyed readers will have spotted, the Godfather is a long-time fan of Dude? – Carl’s kind endorsement even appears on the back of the book. “An excellent guide – perfect for today’s graduate seeking inspiration and direction,” were his exact words. Aw, thanks CG – and Dude? loves ya right back!

Here’s hoping that the next time you speak to the press, you’ll be delivering good news for baffled graduates?

Do what you can ; )

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