Busy sending off applications to jobs – and feel like recruiters have all the power?

Not for long.

It might tickle you to know that in fact, recruiters are scared of YOU.

Why? Because graduates are changing – and the big employers don’t know how to deal with you.

You’ve grown up with email and the Internet – when they were writing letters using quill pens and strapping them to carrier pigeons. You had your first phone aged 12 – they didn’t buy theirs until well into their 30s. At uni, your tutors used Powerpoint – theirs used chalk on a blackboard.

Thanks to technology, the generation gap has never been wider.

And frankly it’s going to be one hell of a headache getting you lot to work in harmony alongside some of the crusty old dinosaurs who run these companies now.

Enter talentsmoothie – Graduate Fog’s NBF and one of a handful of genius ‘Generation Y’ consultancies that have sprung up to meet the demand for big companies who need to know, FAST, what makes you lot tick.

Okay, okay, there’s a teeny thing called a recession happening right now, which temporarily seems to give employers the upper hand in the job market. But thing WILL change – and when they do, companies will find themselves working harder than ever to keep today’s best young graduates (you lot) passionate about the work you’re doing.

With the attention span of a gnat, if you’re not having fun, you’ll be off. Taking all their investment in you with you.

Unlikely as it seems, recruiters lie awake worrying about questions like these… ‘How can we attract the best graduates to work for us?’ ‘How can we hang on to them, once we’ve got them?’ ‘And, even if we harness their tight little tushes to our chairs, how the dickens can we get them to give us the very best work they can do?’

(Don’t forget, clock-watching and time-wasting is notoriously expensive for employers – if you’re not excited and engaged in your day’s tasks, your potential productivity is leaking out all over the shop).

Simon Walker, talentsmoothie spokesperson, challenges the idea that today’s grads are a bunch of clueless slackers. Instead, he describes you as, ‘Highly-motivated, discerning, questioning, innovative and ethical.’ (See? Told you talentsmoothie were good folk).

And Simon says your potential power shouldn’t be dismissed (THANK you! Finally, some respect..!). Why? Because in the coming years, it’s you lot who will shape the way the working world runs – and then you’ll start running it yourselves. ‘This new generation are redefining the way organisations interact with their people,’ he says. ‘And they’re the next generation of leaders.’

No, Simon isn’t on crack – that really is you. Let’s say it again: ‘The next generation of leaders.’ It has a nice ring to it, no?

So if ANOTHER rejection letter came through your letterbox this morning, take heart. There WILL come a day when you’ll hold all the cards – and it could be sooner than you think…

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