If you’re stuffing envelopes, pulling pints or frothing milk at Starbucks this summer, there is one reason to be joyful – a new article says you’re actually being smart.

Doing menial work means you own more of your personal brainpower than someone working in a high-powered job.

This piece on thegrowinglife.com about the so-called ‘Paradox of Intelligence’ decrees that the fact that clever people end up doing demanding jobs is actually downright stupid of them. Because in doing so, they hand over a higher percentage of their brainpower to their employer – leaving less for themselves to use in their own time.

Dude is still puzzling over this logic, but thinks there might be something in it… 

Yes, you’re outrageously overqualified and capable of so much more… But there are benefits to doing a no-brainer job too. Namely, having so little else demanding your head-space (ok, apart from the teensy issue of The Job Hunt…) means that you are also gloriously free of mind and spirit- Huzzah!

Never a fan of planning your ‘Job for life’, Dude? suggests you use that free feeling to think clearly and creatively about what direction you might like to take yourself in, for the next year or two…

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