Well, Dude is having a thoroughly lovely Sunday – enjoying a cup of coffee and a croissant and basking in the glory of starring in today’s Stella magazine (the style section of the Sunday Telegraph).

What am I doing in a fashion magazine? You might well ask.

(I like to think I know how to dress – but most of my tops are by TopShop, not Chloe).

Answer: I was invited to give an interview as part of their Special Teen Issue (10 January 2010).

I kid ye not. Flick to p49 of the magazine’s glossy pages, where my wisdom (!) appears under the heading ‘How to get a foot on the career ladder.’

I’m thrilled with the piece (not least because they mention this fabulous blog) and would like to thank the lovely ladies at Stella for having the nous to pick me over some of the more yawnsome / crusty careers authors out there. God knows, they had plenty to choose from.

; )

Whispers also reach Dude that one of Stella’s hawk-eyed editors has already snaffled their publicity copy of the book – to give to her daughter, currently struggling with her career choices. We hope she gets as much from it as Dude’s other thousands of readers have.

Welcome to Dude’s Army!

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