Ooh, this is fun. Graduate Fog has received an email from another hopping mad university careers adviser (Regular readers will know that this is becoming a habit).

Amazingly – like my previous correspondent – he seems genuinely puzzled by what on earth might lead me to do something as mean and nasty as suggest that university careers advisers could be doing a better job to inspire, engage, inform and guide students and graduates when you’re trying to make decisions about your future – and find work during a recession.

He’s keen to get into a debate with me about this matter – but to be honest I’m not keen. Because I think what you think about this is far more important.

Here’s his letter – just comment directly below if you’d like to tell him why your careers centre didn’t work for you.

– As an undergraduate, how effective was your careers centre at inspiring and engaging you?

– If you went in not knowing what career you wanted, what was their response – and was it helpful?

– What sort of help is available now you’ve graduated?

– Do you think universities should be made to re-think the way they approach careers advice?

– Now you’re paying them thousands of pounds for your degree, do they have a responsibility to help you make decisions about what to do with it?

Remember, this is your opportunity to have your say – so don’t hold back ; )

Hi Tanya,

I have read with interest your comments about Careers Advisers and careers advice being out of date?

Most Careers Advisers and Careers Services in HE are very, very innovative – indeed our service has jusr won a national award.

I would welcome some debate with you about your comments and I’d like to ask exactly what evidence you have to support your comments?

Kind regards, Simon

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