Every now  and then, I down several cups of strong black coffee and visit, the only graduate careers website that universities will recommend to you lot, despite the fact that – let’s be honest – it’s just about the most boring website you’ve ever seen. (Seriously, when was it written – the 1800s?)

However, something actually interested me today. At the bottom of their home page, there’s a little survey asking “Is university worth the cost?”

When I put in my answer, it revealed that a massive 65% of people who had also completed the survey had said No – while only 35% had said Yes.

To you, this probably isn’t shocking – mainly because you’re in that situation yourself and know loads of graduates struggling to get a good job. To you, this really isn’t news that such a large proportion of graduates doubt that university was a good investment.

The thing is, it really IS shocking. That more than 6 in 10 graduates feel their degree was a swizz should be headline news.

If this sample (and granted, I can’t tell how big it is) reflects the feelings of graduates on a national scale, this is something that needs urgent attention. For one thing, why isn’t the Government taking graduate unemployment more seriously? And why on earth are we still pumping schoolkids into university, if those coming out say it wasn’t worth it?

If Graduate Fog had done this survey and found this result, I’d be publicising it from the rooftops.

Will do the same? I doubt it. Unfortunately, there are too many people with very good reasons to hush up the fact that thousands of graduates would think twice about going to uni, if they had their time over again.

You see, it suits the Government and the universities (and all the universities’ various support organisations) much better to insist that there’s no problem at all and that their various schemes and initiatives are doing a fine job of helping you lot to find lovely well-paid graduate jobs and that everything is just dandy, thank you very much.

The fact that everything is far from dandy is really rather icky and inconvenient, so – shhhh – if you don’t mind, they’d rather keep that nice and quiet so people don’t start asking awkward questions about a system that you say is robbing hundreds of thousands of you every year.

Which is why I’m going to keep shouting about it, louder and louder…

Game on.

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