Official statistics have revealed that 20% of recent graduates are unemployed.

This means that the proportion of joblessness among this group has almost doubled in the last decade.

And graduates seem to have been hit harder than other sectors of the workforce.

At the start of the recession, unemployment for new graduates was 10.6%. It is now 18.5%. Comparable stats for the rest of the population showed that unemployment rose from 5.2% to 7.9%.

In other words, new graduates are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than the rest of the population.

The only group hit harder was 21-24-year-olds without degrees, who are even less likely to be in work.

Aaron Porter, president of the NUS, had some harsh words for the government, as he called for the Future Jobs Fund – scrapped last year – to be reinstated. He said:

“Graduates are encountering and exceptionally hostile jobs market and the government persists with policies that put the burden of the country’s debt on the young.”

Universities minister David Willett provided a typically useless response, saying:

“We are making sure all universities focus on employability of students and are working with employers to encourage work experience and internships.”

Work experience and internships. Brilliant. Will those be PAID, Willetts? Because otherwise they’re not much of a solution, are they?

Pull your finger out, man – our nation’s graduates demand it.

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