Got a brilliant degree — but can’t find a decent job?

That could be because your university isn’t on the ‘golden’ list of institutions that the top recruiters like to hire graduates from, a social mobility expert has said.

Dr Lee Elliot Major, Research Director at the Sutton Trust, confirmed that the UK’s top employers only consider candidates from a short list of universities — and that list has reduced further in the recession. He said:

“We know that many of the big companies — the big recruiters — have increasingly small lists of universities from whom they pick potential employees.”

When asked whether this was a known fact that the people recruiting for professional jobs only look at these top employees, he said:

“There are some signs that in the current recession, recruiters are actually shortening their university list.

“So for this particular generation coming out of university now, it’s an even bigger issue.”

In other words, employers were always picky – and now they’re getting pickier.

That a snobbery exists among recruiters isn’t news — we all know that bosses love to boast about their new Oxbridge hire. But hearing it confirmed by an expert in social mobility is shocking and significant.

We have no way of knowing exactly which universities are on this ‘golden list’. But we can be pretty sure who is likely to be – and who is unlikely to be.

Are now admitting publicly that graduates from less prestigious universities will NEVER be considered by these employers, no matter how good their grades?

Because if so…

…doesn’t anybody think that this is information that young people have the right to know BEFORE they sign up to do expensive degrees that have questionable value (or no value) on the job market?

Of course, the universities will keep this story nice and quiet, as they are still desperate to get ‘bums on seats’ in order for those students to keep paying expensive fees towards keeping them in work.

(How these people continue to peddle the hokey image of themselves as earnest and sincere, I just don’t know. How they sleep at night is another question that leaves me baffled.).

And schools are also unlikely to share this information with their sixth form pupils. A falling rate of pupils going to university looks very bad on the schools’ league tables.

Bloody hell, am I the only person who thinks that allowing another generation of bright, ambitious, hopeful young people to sign up to tens of thousands of pounds of debt for a degree that may well turn out to be worthless is kind of WRONG??

Then again, those who don’t go to university are likely to be jobless for longer than those who do. But they’re not in all that debt.

We need an alternative to university – and we need it fast. That this daylight robbery is this best option for young people in this country is a disgrace and a tragedy.

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