Did you watch ‘The Intern’ last night? If you missed it, here’s what the critics said…

John Crace, The Guardian
“The Intern is basically the Apprentice by another name: a bunch of hopefuls jumping through fairly pointless hoops for the television cameras under the guise of competing for a job… Some of it was passably entertaining, but there wasn’t even a pretence at creating a level playing field by which to judge the contestants’ credentials.”

Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent
“Hilary does the boilerplate stuff about putting her name on the line but the truth is that she’s already besmirched her reputation by getting involved at all… I doubt that a jobless young person watching would have learnt anything useful about the world of work — the only possible excuse for a format that takes hopeful innocents and torments them for our entertainment.”

Florence Walters, The Telegraph
“We were set up for blood sport, but that’s not what we got. The Intern is The Apprentice for a generation facing the grim prospect that more than a million 18-24 year-olds are unemployed… The big disappointment was Devey. She proved oddly maternal and offered no genuinely helpful advice. There’s an irony here: Sugar’s iron fist gives The Apprentice its punch — and longevity — while Devey’s kindly manner may be the death of her own show.”

Andrew Billen, The Times
“Hilary Devey responded to the crisis in youth unemployment by setting three young jobless people to compete for a ‘managerial’ job at a five-star hotel. As if free internships are not humiliating enough, she employed actors to play ‘difficult’ guests, and then critiqued her supplicants if they failed to pacify them… Her credibility was denigrated the moment she signed on to this farrago.”

Matt Baylis, Daily Express
“I couldn’t help feeling that if the true motive was to give young people a fair go, the people behind the programme would surely have got Devey thinking up ways to train and employ lots of them, not just compering stunts reminiscent of Candid Camera for a trio in a Kensington hotel.”

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