Most people applying for jobs spend less than one hour on each application, said a study by social media recruitment firm

Two-thirds of job seekers spend less than an hour to apply for a job, with less than 10% saying that they spend a whole day on a job application. Only 5% said they take more than a day.

According to the survey of around 1,000 jobseekers, the days of spending hours doing painstaking preparation for job applications may be over.

But co-founder Tony Wilmot says jobseekers shouldn’t beat themselves up – as employers don’t have the time to read through long applications anyway. The most important thing is that your CV and application are clear and make it easy for the person reading it to see what skills and experience you have, and how that relates to the role you’ve applied for:

“These days, HR departments don’t have the time to plough their way through hundreds of pages of paper CVs. What they want is to be able to see if the person applying for the job is worth bringing in for an interview.

“The message we hear from employers is that staff don’t have to be qualified to the hilt, just that they’ll invest some time and effort in their new job. However, not everyone has a strategy in place to identify good talent. Small businesses in particular don’t want to wade through hundreds of applications.”

In an increasingly busy and competitive job market, it seems both employers and jobseekers are prepared to spend less time on each application. At Graduate Fog we always encourage graduates to spend extra time on theirs, to ensure it’s focussed particularly towards the role and company you’re applying to. But if you can do that in under 60 minutes, we say go out and enjoy the sunshine!


Does spending hours on an application improve your chances of getting the job? Or is ‘good enough’ good enough? Have you had any better results from applications you spent ages on than ones you dashed off in a hurry to meet the deadline? Share your experiences in the Comments below…

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