A third of young jobseekers say the biggest barrier to finding a better job is simply getting round to updating their CV.

New figures by found that this seemingly straightforward admin task is actually a major psychcological hurdle for many young people who are either out of work or stuck in a ‘stop-gap’ job, such as doing shop, bar or call centre shifts.

Nearly one in four (37%) people said the prospect of updating their CV was the hardest part of finding a new job. Another third (34%) told researchers they didn’t seek out a new job as they were put of by having to deal with the hassle of interviews – and a fifth (18%) said the thought of leaving a familiar workplace was the problem.

Andrew Sumner, managing director at, said:

“These findings give us an insight into the reasons many of us put off finding a new job.

“While it’s always good to be sure you’ve done everything you can to make a situation work, you don’t want to make yourself unhappy by staying in a job you don’t like.

“The right job for everyone is out there, so if you don’t feel like you’re getting the most out of your current job role, it might be time to move on and find something better.”

So, what’s going on? Why can’t young jobseekers get organised – are they just plain lazy? Graduate Fog suspects there is more to these stats than meets the eye – and that psychological factors play a large part.

Getting around to updating your CV means facing your job hunt head-on, taking a cold, hard look at your experience and thinking about what skills and experience you have that may be attractive to employers. This can be extremely daunting, so it’s not surprising it’s a task you put off. Going to interviews is a big deal too. It means putting yourself out there – and risking rejection.

We know all too well that a dip in motivation and confidence can cause major problems for jobseekers. How to handle rejection and How to stay motivated are consistently among the most popular pages on Graduate Fog. You are cheerfully told (by people with jobs) to ‘treat your job hunt like a job’ – but it isn’t always that easy. We think boosting your confidence and reviving your motivation are key. Once you’ve done that, getting round to updating your CV becomes what it always should have been: a simple admin task you just need to sit down and get on with.

What’s stopping you from getting your act together? If you’re unemployed, is it hard to stay motivated? If you have a ‘stop-gap’ or temporary job, are you applying for better roles in your spare time – or staying put for now?

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