Should employers always offer interview feedback?YOU INVESTED HOURS OF PREP – DON’T YOU DESERVE SOME TIPS FOR NEXT TIME?

The graduate job application and interview process can be very demanding of candidates – so after all that work it can be gutting to hear you’ve missed out on the position. At the very least, aren’t you entitled to some useful feedback from the employer as to why you didn’t get the job?

Many Graduate Fog readers feel it’s the least they could do. As well as the time you’ve invested preparing, you may have spent money travelling to the interview, or buying a new suit. Unfortunately, not all employers are prepared to give feedback – either at application or interview stage. Many feel it isn’t their job to give you free recruitment advice – others are simply too busy. Graduate Fogger Patricia writes:

I had an interview for an internship yesterday and today received an email informing me that I had not been successful. I then asked for feedback but was told that they were unable to provide this. This is not the first time that this has happened to me.

I haven’t heard much discussion of this issue in terms of job and internship applications. I am guessing that if it has happened to me it must also be happening to others.

I find employers’ refusal to give feedback very frustrating as how are applicants supposed to know how to improve for the future? Surely also after all the hard work applicants put into writing application forms and preparing for interviews they are entitled to some feedback?

It feels like employers nowadays are more about themselves and what they can get out of applicants rather than giving young people a chance and nurturing their talent!

What experience have you had when asking for feedback on your applications or interviews? Will most employers offer something – or are they more likely to say they’re too busy? Is it unfair to ask an employer you’ll never work for to act as your personal recruitment adviser? Or do you feel it’s a basic courtesy to offer feedback to all applicants? Have your say below…

PS. We’d love to hear from employers and recruitment experts too!

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