Why ARE so many graduates getting 2:1 degrees?ARE EXAMS GETTING EASIER – OR ARE STUDENTS WORKING HARDER?

A record number of UK graduates are being awarded a 2:1 degree or above – but why? Are exams getting easier, is teaching getting better – or are students simply working harder?

New figures from the Higher Education Statistics Authority show that 70% of today’s students leave university with a 2:1 or above. Now, one in five graduates is awarded a first class degree – a score that has almost doubled in the past decade. The proportion receiving a 2:1 has also risen sharply in that time.

While this is great news for graduates, some employers say it creates a headache for them – making it even harder to spot the very best talent. Professor Alan Smithers, director of the Centre for Education and Employment Research at Buckingham University, warned that the rise was “undermining the usefulness of the degree in being able to distinguish” between students of different abilities.

Graduate Fog wants to know what you make of this surge in good grades. Are universities pulling their socks up and providing better teaching, mindful of their position in the uni rankings? Or are students working harder than ever, now they’re paying huge fees for their degree? And is it fair of employers to complain that all this success makes it harder for them to spot the very best talent? Have your say below!

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