Which employers don't reply to applications?TIRED OF THE CV ‘TUMBLEWEED’ MOMENT? TELL US ABOUT IT

Most graduates have experienced the ‘CV black hole’ and ‘tumbleweed moment’ – when you spend hours on a job application and then never hear back. But which employer is the worst when it comes to ignoring job applications?

Graduate Fog wants to make it the norm for ALL employers to respond to EVERY job application. Even if it’s just a one-line email saying “Thanks – but no thanks,” we think it’s the very least that diligent young job-seekers deserve. Especially when many employers demand that candidates fill in lengthy application forms and complete labour-intensive selection tasks.

Thankfully, a growing number of employers are now replying to all applications – but we still need to put more pressure on those that don’t to change their policy, update their systems and start showing candidates the respect and courtesy that you deserve.

But to do this, we need YOUR help. We want to know… Have you ever applied for a job and not heard back? Who was the employer? What had they asked you to do, and how long did you spend on the application? 

We’re particularly keen to hear about big or famous organisations that don’t reply, or just say “If you haven’t heard from us by [a certain date], you have been unsuccessful.” (So rude!) We’d also like to know how their failure to respond made you feel and whether you shared  your disappointment with friends and family. Also, if the employer is a consumer brand, has the experience made you less likely to buy their products or services in the future?

Please post your story below, or contact us privately if you prefer. Thank you!


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