How to Stay Motivated

“I make out I’m job hunting nine to five — but some days I do nothing at all”
What’s your downfall — the three-hour lunch break? The lure of Facebook? Staying focussed can be tough, with distractions all around you — but have a word with yourself. Remind yourself why you need to get this job hunt happening. What’s the alternative? Living at home forever? Still doing bar work in your forties? Fear is a great motivator.
DO personalise your own routine. Go for a run at 9.30am. Time your lunchbreak to fit with the BBC news. Work at the library in the afternoon. Try different things and see what works for you.
DO set realistic goals. Before you even log in, ask “What’s the minimum I would need to do in order to consider this a good day?” Write a list of bite-sized tasks and cross them off as you go.
DON’T check Facebook and email more than three times a day. Morning, lunchtime and evening is enough.

“I’m being vile to my parents — who are only trying to help”
When you’re struggling, you’re unlikely to be your ‘best self’ — but that’s no excuse for bullying your folks. Graduates often forget that their parents are people too. It’s painful for them to watch you struggling. I know you’re disappointed by your situation — but this wasn’t what they had in mind, either! Different tactics work for different families, but if you’re  not sure then my advice is to sit them down and explain that you’re struggling but that you have a plan, you’re working on it and you’ll update them once a week.
DO some chores around the house. It’s important you contribute something positive to the household and it will make you fee like less of a sponger.
DON’T storm around like a stroppy teenager. Storming off and slamming doors will only make you feel like a teenager again. You’re an adult now. Pull it together.
DO remember that your future is your responsibility — not your parents’. They’ve invested 21 years of love and encouragement (and funding) to get you this far. That’s enough. Now it’s up to you to build a future for yourself.

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