Cool jobs your career adviser doesn’t know about #1

“I spend all day on Twitter and Facebook”

Do you fancy being paid to dream up clever ways for companies to use social networking, blogs and microsites to spread the word about their stuff? Graduate Fog grills Jacqui Hill, 26, who does just that…

We don’t get it – what’s your job exactly?

“I’m Insights Manager at 1000heads: The Word of Mouth People. We help companies like Nokia, Universal and Sainsburys to find out what people are saying about them so that they can improve their relationship with their customers and provide better and better services and products. Monitoring each brand’s social media presence is only one part of what we do. We’re interested in anything that’s being said about our clients, whether that’s offline or online. The umbrella term for this is ‘word of mouth’ (WOM).”

Did you know you wanted to do this when you graduated?

“How could I have done? The job didn’t exist then! [Jacqui graduated from University College Dublin in 2006, with a 2:1 in History]. I know it feels like we’ve all been using Facebook forever but it was only a couple of years ago that it got really big. After the first flush of excitement about social media, forward-thinking companies now want to think calmly and clearly about what all this new technology can do for their business — which is where we come in. So no, I never dreamed I’d end up here.”

So what did you think you would be doing?

“Truthfully, the only ‘calling’ I’ve ever felt was towards a career as a ballet dancer, when I was nine! Coming out of university without any real sense of direction was scary — but now I see it as an advantage as it meant I had an open mind about where life might take me. Instead of trying to plan my career in advance, I kept my options open, followed my instincts and grabbed exciting opportunities with both hands.”