Graduate Fog today announces our first sponsor – the job search website WikiJob is now supporting us!

Needless to say, I’m chuffed to bits – especially as I genuinely a big fan of WikiJob, which is a fantastic resource for graduates seeking their first job with one of the big City employers.

The Guardian declared WikiJob one of the 100 top tech media companies of the year, but for me the true brilliance of the site has less to do with its technical wizardry – and more to do with its pioneering spirit.

WikiJob was the first of a new generation of websites which empower and inform job-seeking graduates, rather than just listing endless job ads, sticking up some ancient ‘careers advice’ and leaving you feeling overwhelmed / frustrated / irritated.

(Yes, Prospects, I am having a pop at you).

WikiJob proved that a fresh, new approach was long overdue – and it has since been joined by other sites like Graduate Fog and CareerPlayer, which share the same goal.

I think WikiJob’s brilliance lies in the fact that as a wiki (user-generated) site, it is founded on the principles of honesty, transparency and accountability.

If a company is fantastic for graduates to work for, its bosses have nothing to fear – as WikiJob’s users will say so.

But if they’re tight-fisted miseries, they should be worried. Because WikiJob’s users don’t mince their words – and boy, can they talk.

As if that’s not enough of a reason to swing by the site – Graduate Fog loves a bit of name-and-shame action, as regular visitors to this site know! – WikiJob has been blessed by another stroke of genius.

Graduate job hunters can share their experiences with others and get a heads-up what they can expect from the typical applications procedure at various big companies. I think the creation of this service is enormously significant.

Why? Because job hunting sucks.

It is a bizarre, ‘limbo’ period of life when you’ll probably feel you have very little power or control. WikiJob changes this, by allowing job hunters to ‘tool up’ with information that will give you the inside track and help you feel better prepared and more confident at assessment centres and interviews. Why should employers hold all the cards? Why shouldn’t graduate job seekers pool their knowledge to help each other?

Happily, it seems my crush on WikiJob is reciprocated (phew). Co-founder Chris Muktar (a graduate of Manchester University) told me he’s been nurturing warm and fuzzy feelings for Graduate Fog for some time now, saying:

“When we started WikiJob we wanted to create a website that changed things for graduates, which has helped us grow to nearly half a million monthly visitors in just three years.

“Graduate Fog was founded on the same principles, and we are proud to support their efforts.”

*Graduate Fog blushes*

Aw, thanks Chris – and thanks WikiJob! May our partnership be long and loving…

*Want to sponsor Graduate Fog?
If you’d like to see your company name next to WikiJob on Graduate Fog’s home page and throughout the site, email me now through this contact form and we’ll talk turkey. Thanks!

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