Good news for graduates – work is under way on a new book which promises to help you to find a job after leaving university, even in a recession. How to Get a Graduate Job in a Recession will be available from May 2012 exclusively via this website.

Although Graduate Fog is known primarily for our straight-talking blog – particularly our work exposing the cheapskate employers who exploit their young staff through unpaid internships – we are very aware that graduates are also in desperate need of real, useful advice on how to find paid, permanent work in these difficult circumstances. Packed with practical tips and tricks, How to Get a Graduate Job in a Recession will show you (among other things):

– How to turn an unpaid internship into a paid job

– Why you’re finding it so difficult to get your career started

– How to choose your career, if you don’t already have a plan

– How to assess whether your plan is a good one

– How to find the vacancies that nobody else knows about

– Tips and tricks for breaking into the most competitive industries

– How to stay motivated during your job hunt

– Whether you should consider moving abroad

– Whether postgraduate study would boost your career – or be an expensive mistake

– How to put less effort into your job hunt – and see more results

Tanya de Grunwald, founder of Graduate Fog and the author of this new book, says:

“The Graduate Fog Blog has proved to be a huge hit with readers – and our Advice section is popular too. But I am still receiving a large number of emails from graduates who have more detailed questions about how to navigate their job hunt. They are finding it impossible to access answers to the deeper, more difficult conundrums.

“My first book – Dude, Where’s my Career? The Guide for Baffled Graduates, published in June 2008 – has now sold out, and I think it’s time to update the content. The job market has changed enormously since then – and with it, the mood and mindset of job-hunting graduates.

“Receiving emails every day from graduates in need of help, I know exactly what kind of thing they want to know. How to Get a Graduate Job in a Recession will answer all their questions in one place, making it the ultimate guide for graduates as they enter the job market.

“As the university careers services continue to peddle out-dated advice, advertise illegal unpaid internships and promote postgraduate courses that have dubious value, graduates are crying out for better guidance and support that they can really trust – yet finding that there is very little out there. How to Get a Graduate Job in a Recession is a must-read for anybody who is about to graduate, has just graduated – or has been struggling to get their career started for a while.”

The final touches are being put to the book this week and next, so if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see in there, speak up now!

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