*Thinking dark thoughts?
We promise you’re not alone — and there is help available. Please contact PAPYRUS or the Samaritans now. Suicide is always a tragic waste and it’s never the solution to anything.

A job-seeking graduate has admitted on Graduate Fog that she is considering suicide. Her comments are likely to chime with thousands of fellow graduates who are struggling to get their careers started after finishing university.

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Last night, law graduate Rachel found Graduate Fog through an old post Jobseeker, 21, commits suicide after two year search for work, about the death of Vicky Harrison, from Darwen in Lancashire, who took an overdose of pills after telling friends she felt “humiliated” at being unable to find work. Rachel wrote:

“I came across this page googling graduate suicide, I’m literally at the point of desperation, I have been unemployed for over two years now, and I am in such despair, I generally feel suicidal, because I can’t imagining living like this for another year.

“I have 7 A’s and 5 B at GCSE, I have four A -levels in maths C, physics C, Biology B, and psychology A, I have a degree in electronic and communication engineering (2:1) from the university of Nottingham which I completed in 2008, I went on to do a conversion to law and now also hold a 2:1 in law.

“I have volunteered for different law firm, I even went abroad and worked in a law firm in singapore for 5months ( unpaid) since march 2010, I have not been able to find any work. The last interview I went for, the role was given to someone with a PHD. I just don’t know what to do anymore, I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

Tanya has already urged Rachel to visit her GP to tell him / her how she’s feeling, and promised to send her a free copy of the Graduate Fog book when it’s out in April. Several Graduate Foggers have already posted words of support for Rachel below her comment on the original post, but we would love to hear from other users of this website who have further encouragement, advice, insight or wisdom that Rachel would find helpful. Can you help? Please spare a minute to post your thoughts below – even if it’s just to assure Rachel that you know how she’s feeling. We are sure she would appreciate it.

Is there enough emotional support available for jobseeking graduates? How do you keep your chin up during your search for work? Is confidence and motivation overlooked by traditional sources of careers advice?

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