Graduates are missing out on jobs because they are failing to adjust their privacy settings on Facebook, new research has found.

A new survey by Hays recruitment agency found that only just over half (55%) of those surveyed cleaned up their social media profiles and changed their privacy settings while job-hunting.

More than a third (36%) made no changes to profiles or posts, as they didn’t think employers would check. And only one in ten said they edited content or untagged photos of themselves during their search.

Mark Sheldon, regional managing director of recruitment specialists Hays said it was “worrying” that young jobseekers do not realise the damages social media profiles can cause on their chances of getting a job. He said:

“While no employer should make a hiring decision based entirely on what they see online, it’s now extremely easy for an employer to find out an incredible amount of personal detail about you with just a quick search.

“Making sure your private profiles stay that way will avoid distracting an employer from anything other than the task at hand of assessing your suitability for the job.”

Graduate Fog has reported previously that graduates do not think that Facebook is an appropriate platform for recruiters to connect with them about jobs. But it seems that too many graduates have not twigged that employers are using the site to suss out whether they are a suitable candidate for the job.

*Should employers be banned from spying on candidates via Facebook?
Is your profile ready for inspection? Do you know anyone who’s been rejected for a job because of something incriminating online? Has your university careers service warned you to check your settings when applying for jobs?

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