Should Graduate Fog have a job board?IT WON’T BE THE BIGGEST, BUT COULD IT BE THE BEST?

You love this website – and you need a job. So does it make sense to add a job board to Graduate Fog?

Until now, we have not had much in the way of a jobs board. Visit our Jobs page and you’ll find a little job search widget, supplied by our friends at Monster. It serves its purpose, but we know it’s not a brilliant user experience, and we’d love to give you something more valuable. Should we replace the current page with something else? And if so, what should that be?

We have a few options. We have strong relationships with several of the big job boards. Should we add a feed to their jobs, on Graduate Fog? Or should we partner with a smaller graduate recruitment agency that we know supplies really good graduate jobs? There will be fewer jobs, but at least we’ll know they’re all top-quality roles.

What we do know is that whoever we partner with, they must share Graduate Fog’s values. We would never work with a job board that advertises illegal unpaid internships. But many do still advertise charity internships and pay-to-work-abroad internships, which make us uneasy. How would you feel about them being on Graduate Fog?

In an ideal world, we would also love Graduate Fog’s job board to be known as the best job board around. It doesn’t have to be the biggest, but we’d love it to be the best. For example, we’d love to be able to promise our users that they will receive a response to every job they apply for on Graduate Fog, even if it’s a quick ‘Thanks but no thanks’ email. We know how demoralising that ‘tumbleweed’ silence is, and we think employers should raise their game and treat jobseekers with more care, courtesy and respect. We would love to lead the way in providing an ethical job board, with only graduate employers and jobs that are worthy of our fantastic users’ time and attention.

What do you think? Seriously, we would love to hear your views. This is a big decision for us, and we want to make we get it right. Should Graduate Fog have a job board? And what would you like it to be like? Please let us know by commenting below – thank you!

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