Do you have graduate salary envy?A QUARTER EXPERIENCE ‘LOW EARNER ANXIETY’

Tens of thousands of graduates regularly compare their salary to that of their friends and suffer from ‘low earner anxiety’ as they find their post-university pay packet is smaller than they expected it would be, a new survey has revealed.

According to a study by, more than a quarter of graduates (28%) say the thought of being out-earned by their peers causes them anxiety and nearly two fifths (39%) say they’re earning less than they expected to. A previous study showed the graduate pay gap can be up to £70,000, with the lowest-earning graduates earning £11,000 while the wealthiest take home £80,000.

The ThinkMoney survey found that graduates are more likely to be dissatisfied with their salary than non-graduates, and those living in London are most likely to be disappointed by their pay packet. But there was some good news — one in ten graduates said they were earning more than they expected to.

The research found that graduates use a range of methods to measure your financial success, relative to your peers’. A third of graduates (38%) look at the salaries advertised for jobs similar to your own as an indicator. A further third (35%) measure your salary against those of your friends — and another 20% look at the lifestyle of your peers as a yardstick for your own financial progress. 

*How do you feel about the salary you’re earning?
Are you suffering from graduate salary envy? Are you one of the lowest-paid or the highest -paid among your group of friends? Are you earning less than you expected to after university — or more?

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