World's first ethical graduate job board launches... HERE!NO UNPAID INTERNSHIPS – AND A RESPONSE TO EVERY APPLICATION GUARANTEED

Graduate Fog today launches the world’s first ‘ethical’ graduate job board, in which graduate jobseekers will only see graduate jobs and employers that are worthy of your attention.

Why have we done this? Because we believe you deserve better. Although most of the big job boards have finally promised to remove adverts for unpaid internships, many still put their advertisers first and their jobseekers last. None guarantees a response to every application, something we believe is a basic courtesy to jobseekers who often spend hours (sometimes days) perfecting their application forms. That is why we make three promises to you regarding the new Graduate Fog Job Board

Graduate Fog Job Board

Tanya de GrunwaldGraduate Fog’s founder Tanya de Grunwald says:

“Our strong stance on unpaid internships is well-known, so regular readers won’t be surprised that we’re refusing to advertise unpaid (or expenses-only) positions on the new Graduate Fog Job Board.

“But I want to go further than that. I want to set the bar higher than any job board has done before and treat graduate jobseekers with the respect they deserve. Looking for a job can be tough, and it’s important to know what stage you’re at with all your applications. That’s why we are guaranteeing a response to every application.

“When candidates spend hours – even days – on applications, I think hearing back (even if it’s a no) is a basic standard all employers should commit to. A guaranteed response is a something no other job board offers, so I am happy to be the first. In time, I hope this will become standard among all employers and job boards. I believe this simple courtesy will improve the relationship between employers and graduate jobseekers, and result in a happier recruitment experience for everyone.

“Graduate Fog will also only advertise the best roles with real long-term prospects. We don’t do crummy stop-gap jobs or zero-hours contracts, because we believe bright, young graduates with a good degree can do better than that. Visit our job board and you’ll know that any position you see advertised would be a brilliant first step for any graduate serious about starting a real career. It’s as if we’ve already pre-screened every job for you. And as a bonus, most of our roles pay £20,000 a year or more. Our employers think you’re worth it – and so do we.”

To create the Graduate Fog Job Board, we have partnered with graduate recruitment agency Give A Grad A Go, who will supply the vacancies and liaise with candidates. When you apply for a job through Graduate Fog, it is guaranteed that:

Because you're worth it

1) You will receive a response to each of your applications — whether it’s good news, bad news or ideas on other applications you can make

2) The opportunities we advertise are within successful, exciting businesses that are looking for fresh talent on a long-term basis

3) Each job has a salary and the potential for real career progression

In return, all we ask from graduate jobseekers is that:

1) You only apply for opportunities that you believe you are well suited for

2) You ensure that your CV and any accompanying material is targeted, well-presented and grammatically correct

3) If you get the chance to go and meet one of our employers, you represent yourself, Give A Grad A Go and Graduate Fog in the best possible way

The Graduate Fog job board will feature up to 60 vacancies at any one time, across most sectors including Media & Marketing, IT & Tech, Digital, Design, Banking & Finance. (Sorry, you’re unlikely to find roles in Law, Medicine, Architecture & Engineering for the moment – but we’re working on it! And graduates with degrees in those subjects are welcome to apply for the jobs that are available).

Many of the jobs featured are London-based, simply because Give A Grad A Go say that’s where the majority of the demand is (both from companies looking to hire and it’s where most graduates tell them they want to work). You will see some positions in Leeds, Bristol, Southampton, Manchester and Birmingham though, and we are working hard to add more soon.

Give A Grad A Go

Give A Grad A Go founder Cary Curtis says he is proud to be partnering with us on this ground-breaking new project:

“Give A Grad A Go is delighted to be working on this exciting new jobs board, which allows us to present our vacancies to Graduate Fog’s thousands of readers, who we know are bright, engaged and ambitious.

“We’ve shared the same values as Graduate Fog since we started the company in 2009 and continue to support the campaign for fairer pay for interns. Give A Grad A Go has never advertised any unpaid work and we don’t work with companies that only offer unpaid work to graduates. It just doesn’t sit well with us, regardless of how good they insist the ‘experience’ is.

“Together, Graduate Fog and Give A Grad A Go can continue to raise awareness of some of the great opportunities that are out there for graduates so they don’t feel obliged to take unpaid work.”

And Cary just has one more piece of advice… If you see something you like, apply now!

“Nearly all of the jobs live at the moment are for immediate starts and they don’t tend to hang around too long! We start sifting CVs, interviewing candidates and introducing them to employers straight away, so to be in with the best chance make sure you apply as soon as possible. If a position is filled quickly and you miss out, we will always consider these late applications for similar opportunities in the future. However things pan out, we’ll always  let you know what’s happening.”

GRADUATES! Looking for a job? Browse vacancies on the Graduate Fog Job Board

EMPLOYERS! Hiring graduates? Advertise your vacancy on the Graduate Fog Job Board

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