Just a reminder that today (Monday 20th April) is the last day you can register to vote in the general election on May 7th.

Graduate Fog is encouraging all our readers to register to vote (and to actually vote)! We know many of you feel disillusioned by politics, and that there is no party that speaks to you (or for you). But we believe that will only change when more young people vote. Politicians need to fear you – and at the moment, they don’t. In 2010, only 51% of 18-24s voted. Just imagine if 75%, 80% or 90% had voted. Would those in power have been more attentive to people your age in the last five years, if they knew there would be consequences in 2015?

We know that many of Graduate Fog’s readers are politically engaged – your comments and tweets show that you are impressively well-informed about what’s happening in the news, and how this impacts you and your generation. But until politicians believe that you will reward (or punish) them at the ballot box, they will continue to view young people as a second-class group who they don’t really need to worry about keeping happy (unlike the over-65s, who vote in their zillions).

So, if you haven’t registered yet, just click this link and answer a few easy questions. It takes three minutes. On 7th May, the fact that you have turned up will be documented, showing politicians that what you will be watching what they do in the next five years. And you’ll hold them to account when it’s time to vote again. And, yes – they should be scared of you.

Tanya de Grunwald
Founder, Graduate Fog

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